The Name, Christian

About a quarter of the world’s population regard themselves as Christians. The world’s view seems to be that if a person is not committed to another belief, and he is affiliated with some church, then he may be regarded as a Christian. To them, Christian is just a title, having little meaning.

In the Bible, the name “Christian,” is not just a title, but a profession. It designates those who belong to Christ, who are followers of Christ, who are witnesses of His saving power, and who are His ambassadors on this earth.

They recognize that they were given a Great Commission to proclaim the Gospel to all the world, and that commission, they took seriously. They were faithful to their worship of Christ. They sat at the feet of the apostles, prophets and Bible study leaders, and went about preaching the gospel wherever they went, and God added to the church such as should be saved.

To them, being a Christian was a calling to service, an honourable profession; a calling to give oneself to exalting Christ in every area of life,

To true believers in Jesus Christ, the name Christian is a testimony of God’s saving grace in and through their life.

And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.” Acts 11:26

In Christ,
Pastor Sam Joukhadar

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