Need for Grace

Being a father requires much grace. Fathers can be saved, be faithful to God in their personal life and devotions, be active in the ministry, and follow Christ with all their hearts, and have high expectations for their children to walk with the Lord, and then experience the shame and insult of seeing their children rebel and stray from the Lord.

Our heavenly Father, Who is perfect, holy, loving and absolutely righteous, created Adam, in His own image and likeness, yet had the displeasure to see him rebel, fall into sin, and bring much suffering and shame to himself and those about him.

The father of the Prodigal Son, who in the parable represents God the Father, had the misery of seeing his younger son demand all his inheritance, corrupt himself in a lifestyle of sin, live in direct disobedience to his father’s will, and end in a shameful state in a pig pen.

God, the Father, responded in grace. Though sin has its consequences, God provided a plan of redemption for Adam and all his offspring, and clothed Adam from his shame. True! Adam was to suffer for his sin, but the Father’s love for him provided for his forgiveness.

The father of the prodigal son waited patiently for his son to return. When he saw him afar off, with compassion in his heart, he ran to greet him. Seeing that he was repentant, his father showed grace and joyfully accepted him back as his son.

Fathers need grace to deal with erring children. Children will suffer for their wrongs, God will see to that, but to those who genuinely repent should be extended the grace and forgiveness that fathers themselves have received from God.

In Christ,
Pastor Sam


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